New Beam mobile apps are on the way, possibly for Windows phone

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New mobile apps for the Microsoft owned video game streaming service, Beam, are on the way according to a brief mention made today on the official Beam blog.

“One of our immediate priorities is improving the Beam experience for our mobile users,” Beam’s Matt Salsamendi mentioned in the latest blog post. “To accomplish this, we’ll be releasing hybrid applications in early 2017. We’ll be revealing more technical details later on, but tl;dr - an update to the site means an update to all applications across all devices.”

Currently there are only official Beam apps for iOS and Android. It’s unclear if Salsamendi is referring to the creation of new apps for these existing platforms or not but with Microsoft owning Beam and the company’s plans for merging it with Xbox and Windows 10 services, it would be extremely surprising if a Beam app for Windows phones wasn’t already on the drawing board.

There’s also the upcoming Windows 10 and Xbox One apps that are pretty all but confirmed to be on the way. These would likely be made in the new Universal Windows Platform app format which would make them very easy to bring over to Windows 10 Mobile devices. Let us know what you think. Are you expecting an official Beam app for Windows phones? Do you even want one? Let us know in the comments below.

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