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Mozilla’s Firefox browser updated to Version 64.0 today and added some nice improvements that regular users may appreciate. After installing the latest update, users will now be able to move multiple tabs at once, detect which tabs are using the most energy, and remove add-ons from their context menus. The biggest change for Windows 10 […]

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Some eagle-eyes Reddit users have noticed that the Xbox 360 video game, Fight Night Champion, is currently available for free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. While available to Gold users, this discount doesn’t seem to be part of the December Games With Gold campaign at all so its discount is a bit of a mystery. […]

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The Windows team has also rolled out the ISO images for Windows 10 19H1 build 18290.

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Cortana will soon learn from and recoginize up to six individual voices as well as present information specific to each voice during interactions.

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Minecraft players running the Bedrock Edition can now enjoy pandas, bamboo, redesigned cats and experimental crossbow enchantments.

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Last week Microsoft confirmed the unprecedented news that it’s rebuilding its Edge web browser atop the Chromium open-source rendering engine. It spells the end for Microsoft’s EdgeHTML engine less than four years after it first shipped to the public with Windows 10’s launch. This leaves me with a mix of feelings. On the one hand, […]

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The developers of Minecraft are planning a refresh of the textures in Minecraft, and have just released version 3.3 for those who wish to try it.

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Quarterback Russel Wilson was caught mic dropping the Surface in celebration.

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Microsoft and National Geographic have selected eleven changemakers to receive more than $1.2 million in grants to help their projects, which apply AI to help people understand the world and protect it.

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There appear to be other markers indicating that Azure is actually gaining ground on Amazon’s AWS despite a narrative of stagnant growth for both companies.

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While most retailers are discounting Microsoft’s latest generation Xbox One bundles by as much as $50, Walmart is taking a step further by discounting both the One S and One X models online by an additional $20.

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The official Xbox app for Apple’s iOS devices updated this morning with a variety of fixes that should make iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad users happy. This latest version, Version 1810.1205.1548, added better support for iPhone XS Max models, increased app stability to prevent crashes, and fixed the search bug that was causing infinite loading. […]

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Microsoft’s redesigned Office 365 app icons generated a lot of buzz when they were announced late last month. While their rollout to users has yet to be completed, Microsoft has collaborated with the design studio, Tendril, to produce two stylised videos that showcase the modern design aesthetic that the company was aiming for with the […]

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The official Twitter app for Windows 10 devices has pushed out an update with several new features today. Most notable among the changes is the new animation that displays when liking a tweet (see above image). Previously, the heart icon turned red when it was tapped but it now shows a small animation of magic […]

Dec 10th, 2018, by in Latest news

The latest Fast Ring Insider preview build dubbed 18298 and while it brings some nifty new features to test, it also has its list of known and fixed issues.

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Just a month later the company found an additional flaw that will now force it to shutter the service much sooner than its August 2019 timeframe.

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Now that the holiday season is here, you might be wondering what the best games to get right now on Xbox One. I wanted Fallout 76 to be able to make this list, but I am appalled at what Bethesda did to this game and ultimately destroyed my trust in any future Fallout game. So […]

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Some time last week Microsoft pulled the lever on a Chrome web notification support for Teams

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It seems as though the company is already making significant progress with allowing Amazon’s Alexa to support a ton of its services today.

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Hot on the heels of the Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit in Hawaii last week comes news that the next iteration of HoloLens will be an “Always Connected PC,” powered by a Snapdragon 850. As noted by a report by Neowin, Microsoft HoloLens “relies heavily on its built-in Holographic Processing Unit (HPU); the last generation actually used […]

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