Here is what's new in the Office 365 administration December update

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The December update for Office 365 administration is here, putting a bow on the year's advancements for the service. If you haven't been keeping up with the official news regarding the update, here's a brief look at what's coming up this month.

New OneDrive for Business admin center rolling out to First Release customers

The OneDrive Admin Center is coming out to First Release customers, offering them a chance to start using it before it ends up releasing to the general public. The Admin Center is all about being able to more efficiently manage your OneDrive for business and is finally ready for First Release customers to check out in preview. Microsoft plans to release it into general availability in early 2017.

Manage Microsoft Teams from the Office 365 admin center

As Microsoft Teams starts to get popular, Microsoft adds in more ways for people to manage it. Now, people can hit the Office 365 admin center and manage Microsoft Teams however you need. From the admin center, you'll be able to change notifications, feedback, bots, screen sharing and more.

Enable GigJam from the Office 365 admin center

GigJam is a service that lets you share information however you want with your team, and it's something that a lot of administrators might get a lot of use out of. The Office 365 admin center will now let you enable GigJam for your whole organization with the flip of one switch.

New Service health dashboard rolling out to First Release customers

Troubleshooting an entire organization's service health can be a huge pain. The Service health dashboard aims to help administrators get a better idea of what the problems are so they can roll out their fixes faster and with less confusion. The dashboard is rolling out to First Release customers right now, so interested parties can go ahead and try it out.

Office 365 Administration users are going to get a kick out of the access to some of the new features, and should hopefully enjoy the quality of life improvements coming out to make things a little bit simpler. Here's hoping for another good year for Office 365 administration.

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