Take a look back and share your Xbox Live 2016 stats with 'Reign of You'

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As 2016 comes to an end many people, publications, and TV shows are taking stock of the year's list of events, influential personalities, obituaries, and other odds and ends. Fortunately, Xbox Live gamers can take stock in lists, stats and achievements from 2016 that really matter.

Using a little-known tool called Reign of Me found on the Xbox.com website, Live gamers can retrieve an easy to read a summation of their gaming exploits from the year.

Take a look back and share your xbox live 2016 stats with 'reign of you' - onmsft. Com - december 22, 2016

Highlighted stats include:

  • Gamerscore
  • Achievements: Unlocked in 2016
  • Community: Average individual achievements unlocked in 2016
  • Gamerscore rank among the Live community
  • Most played game of 2016
  • Most valuable achievement (dependant on game)
  • Most played game of the previous year
  • Hours spent on Xbox Live

Beyond getting a brief overview of 2016's Xbox Live stats, gamers are bestowed with a shareable Crest based on their numbers. The Crest can be altered and adjusted by gamers to better suit individuals as well as be downloaded and shared via most of the popular social media sites.

Take a look back and share your xbox live 2016 stats with 'reign of you' - onmsft. Com - december 22, 2016

As previously mentioned, to grab a copy of 2016's Xbox Live stats and share with friends and family, gamers can head over to Xbox.com and search the word Crest. The top option should reveal "Reign of You". Once selected, gamers are encouraged to sign into their Microsoft or Xbox Live account to receive the summation and downloadable/shareable links.

Please let us know how your year of gaming measures up by leaving us a screenshot or comment about your Live stats in the comment section below.

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