Microsoft has a vision for Office 365 Planner integration with Teams

The Microsoft Office 365 suite is built to be the pinnacle of team collaboration, particularly with the addition of Microsoft Teams which is available as Preview. One of the reasons that Teams is so useful is the Planner integration, the Trello-like business tool that supports setting plans, organizing tasks, arranging due dates, and more through a convenient dashboard.

Today, product Marketing Manager Dave Heller posted on Microsoft Tech Community with a look into the team's goals for Planner in Microsoft Teams. According to the post, Planner currently has limited features compared to the web integration, but it's only a matter of time.

  • We will make working across Planner and Microsoft Teams a seamless experience, where plans fully integrate across applications.  
  • We will add support for selecting your existing Plans from Planner as Tabs in Microsoft Teams. 
  • From a Planner Tab in Teams, you will be able to launch the full Planner experience to access capabilities like Charts and other views. 
  • Users will the ability to have multiple plans per Office 365 Group within Planner.  When we complete that work, you’ll also be access any of the Plans you started in Teams as well. 

Heller did say that the Microsoft Teams developers have more they want to see from Planner and other integration ideas are 'in the pipeline'.  If you're interested in sharing what you think should be included, make sure to post your suggestions on UserVoice.

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