Microsoft details where new Xbox Avatars will appear in new faq -
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Microsoft details where new Xbox Avatars will appear in new faq

While the new Xbox Avatars haven't yet rolled out to the general public, many Xbox Insiders have already begun testing them on their consoles. To help these Xbox Insiders better understand how these new Xbox Avatars will work, Microsoft has published a new faq answering some of the questions Xbox gamers may have about them.

In addition to the expected reminder that not everyone has these new Xbox Avatars yet, the faq does make an important mention about a short delay that will happen whenever an Xbox One user switches over to these avatars. Turns out that these new Xbox Avatars won't show up immediately and will be delayed by about 10 seconds while the system processed the change.

This new faq also confirms that the new Xbox Avatars will appear on user profiles, in the Activity Feed, on leaderboards, when comparing Gamerscore, on GameHubs, and in Clubs. These new creations may also show up on the Home page of the Xbox One's dashboard and as notifications when friends come online.

There's still no official ETA for the arrival of these new Xbox Avatars however it does look like they'll be coming soon given how much testing is now being done with them by Xbox Insiders.

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