Dutch company VeriCon creates a HoloLens app to let you visualize your new house

Another company has taken advantage of Microsoft HoloLens to help give their customers a preview of what can be possible using mixed reality. In an in-depth interview on Next Reality HoloLens, a structural engineering firm, VeriCon, based in the Netherlands is now using the HoloLens to show VeriCon customers what the inside and outside of their homes might actually look like, without using a computer. Here, a VeriCorn customer visualizes her new home with HoloLens after only seeing 2D drawings of her new home.

Sander Ekstijn, a VeriCon senior consultant, describes in English how VeriCon is able to interact with customers using the HoloLens.

"The house video was indeed funny (too bad you do not understand Dutch). But this woman was the buyer of the house and had never before heard or seen this technology. She had looked at many 2D drawings of her house, but when it came to live at the exact location in 3D with the HoloLens, she was thrilled checking out every room for size and views outside. Because the architect already provided some furniture, it really feels like you are there. She almost wanted to offer us coffee from the virtual kitchen. Upstairs she was afraid to walk 'through' the bed and walked around it.

We have special voice commands implemented to move up/down a floor. Since we had enough space outside, we did not have to move the house around us, but we also have to move forward/backward, so you can do this in a small space, too.

But indeed, a very nice experience to show the power of 3D mixed reality. Looking from the inside to the garden and the other way around. Also, she was pointing at a wall, so we all had to look at the surface tablet to get that. She was so immersed in the experience that she had no idea we could not see 'that' wall."

VeriCon develops their own HoloLens apps in-house with Windows 10 to better customize their use of HoloLens as a business tool. VeriCon uses HoloLens with structural engineers, architects, and other project managers to better visualize building structure layouts to tackle any problems with electrical, plumbing, or other building system issues before they arise.

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