Xbox news recap: Xbox One X is fastest selling Xbox pre-order ever, Microsoft hints at “Intelligent delivery” system for game storage and more

Welcome to our weekly Xbox news recap series, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Xbox. Let’s get started.

The Xbox One X is the fastest selling pre-order ever

This one was surprising. While many analysts – myself included – were convinced that the Xbox One X was going to fall flat on its face, it actually seems to be doing pretty well. Having quickly sold out in many of the places that it’s being offered, the new premium console is officially the fastest selling Xbox pre-order of all time. This is absolutely insane, and if those sales continue to stay high for a while during or after launch, this could have a huge ripple effect in the industry going forward.

Microsoft hints at “Intelligent delivery” system for game storage

It’s pretty generally accepted at this point that 1TB just isn’t enough to hold all of the games – and the 4K texture upgrades – that the Xbox One X expects you to hold. While it’s unlikely to see it at the launch of the console, it was hinted at that Microsoft is working on something called “Intelligent Delivery” – a system that would be able to send parts of a game off to the cloud, after you were finished with them. It was stated to be something that Microsoft was “looking at,” meaning it could potentially be years off. Still, it’s nice to know it’s something they’re looking at.

The Xbox One X may hurt sales of the Xbox One

The Xbox One X is selling like hotcakes, but that does have some consequences that reach out to the rest of the Xbox One family. According to a Gamestop earnings report, Xbox One sales have been noticeably slowing down since the Xbox One X was announced. It would seem that people who have been looking into the Xbox One have heard about the new device, and decided to bide their time. While this might look bad on the surface, it’s very likely Microsoft had seen this coming already – I wouldn’t be worried about it.

Insiders can now purchase peripherals from the Xbox Store

Microsoft is trying to consolidate all Xbox products – digital and physical – to the Xbox Store. Insiders are now able to order peripherals for the Xbox from the Xbox store on their console, right alongside any digital games or subscriptions that they can currently pick up. This marks the first time since Steam’s release of the Steam controller that a digital storefront like this has become a physical one, and opens up some exciting possibilities for the platform.

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