Xbox Music users will soon be able to stream music from OneDrive

Xbox Music users will soon be able to stream music from OneDrive

Microsoft is fully committed to its Xbox Music service, as evident by today's announcement of the company’s MixRadio sale to LINE. The software giant will soon be bringing a long awaited feature to Xbox Music users; streaming music from OneDrive. At least according to Neowin’s sources.

The source claims that Microsoft will make this happen with an update for both OneDrive and the Xbox Music app, likely for all of its platforms including Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox. Additionally, the update should allow for users to import playlists from other music services and apps, such as Apple’s iTunes.

This should be great for Office 365 users with unlimited OneDrive storage, as they could store their entire music collection on the cloud and stream it wherever they are. Although Microsoft is likely going to tie OneDrive music streaming with its Xbox Music Pass subscription, but there’s still the possibility of the OneDrive streaming being offered for free. We’ll know more as the update nears launch.

Microsoft continues to integrate its services and platforms together, making it almost impossible (or at least very difficult) to use one without the other. The company’s ‘One Microsoft’ strategy was meant to be taken literally after all.

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