Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update begins carrier-locked rollout

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It’s been three weeks since Microsoft hit that Big Red Button and pushed out the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Known as one of the largest and supposedly the most stable builds to this date, the release brought a large variety of new features to Windows users. But Windows Mobile users were left with a statement that they wouldn’t be receiving the update on initial release. “Soon,” they told their mobile crowd, leaving many in the dark on how close “soon” might even be.

Mobile users don’t have to wait any longer, however. The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is now available for download for Windows Mobile. The update included a longer lasting battery life while using Microsoft Edge, pinging your device with the Find my Phone feature, and more Cortana additions.

Of course, this isn’t news to those who carry around factory unlocked devices, which have already received the Anniversary Update. If you have a carrier locked device, you might just now be getting the chance to update, according to Neowin. Check your Windows 10 Mobile phone for the latest build by going to the Updates and Security options in your device’s settings.

If your device isn’t updating yet, don’t panic! Even Dona Sarker reminded everyone just last week that the rollout will take its time to get out to everyone. Microsoft has even updated their Windows 10 Anniversary Update release blog post to reflect the announcement of the Mobile build.

Note that availability may vary by manufacturer, model, country or region, mobile operator or service provider, hardware limitations and other factors.
Now it’s only a matter of waiting for those that don’t have it yet. Have you been able to update your Windows Mobile phone yet? What has been your experience so far with the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update? Share your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to weigh in via our online poll.
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