Users can now stream HoloLens apps to iOS devices

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HoloLens development studio, Kazendi, has just released an app for Apple’s iOS devices that allows for streaming of HoloLens data. Named, HoloStream, the app supports several different HoloLens devices, can record the data being streamed, and allows for the quality of the image to be adjusted for a more stable experience. Here’s the official app description:

HoloStream provides such a convenient and reliable way of viewing HoloLens streaming that we use it almost exclusively over the native computer-based ‘mixed reality capture’. Seamlessly choose between high, medium and low quality to best suit your bandwidth. Feel free to add as many HoloLens headsets as you want (they will be shown, named in the main menu) and switch between them at your leisure. Not only do we have an inbuilt video recording feature (which saves to your phone), but in the borderless fullscreen mode HoloLens screenshots have never been easier to capture!

While fully-featured, HoloStream doesn’t come cheap and is currently selling for $39.99 which could put it out of budget for many users. For HoloLens developers though and those using the device for multimedia presentations, having the ability to mirror audio and visuals on an iOS device does have its uses and the price could be justified if being used for the right project.

Would you find HoloStream useful? What do you think of the price? Let us know in the comments below.

Users can now stream hololens apps to ios devices - onmsft. Com - december 13, 2016
The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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