Microsoft releases Windows 10 Mobile Insider build 15031 to the Fast Ring

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The second Bug Bash has been going on for quite a while now, and Microsoft has been getting a bunch of data from it. As they sort through all of the noise and start hammering down their array of fixes and tweaks, we've got a new Insider build for Windows 10 Mobile to check out.

Build 15031 is available for Fast Ring users right now, so interested users can rush off to their phones and drink in the changes.

As far as new stuff is concerned, this isn't really giving us too much. In fact, we're being given just one new thing - a new Share icon. If you want to read a little bit more about the iconography - the science behind these icons' designs - you can check out the blog post here.

New Share icon: We’re introducing a new share icon. For apps that used the “share” font glyph in Segoe MDL2 assets should get the change automatically.

New share icon.

Not too much new here, but it's a change that you might notice more than you'd expect. People have a way of getting used to their icons, and seeing one so prominent shifted around could make a big difference. Whether you're testing the new bug fixes and tweaks or admiring the new share icon, we hope you enjoy build 15031!

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