New LinkedIn Premium features include data insights, unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning

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Whether you're running a business or still on the job hunt, LinkedIn has a few new features that you might get some use out of. The new features are a part of LinkedIn's Premium program, which users can buy into as either Premium Career or Premium Business.

New linkedin premium features include data insights, unlimited access to linkedin learning - onmsft. Com - february 9, 2017
A feature comparison of career and business.

There are three main features being highlighted by LinkedIn on their latest blog post, and they're all pretty solid. The LinkedIn Jobs Homepage, the updated LinkedIn Job Postings, and the new Business Insights should all be significant motivators to LinkedIn users considering a subscription to the service. You'll also be seeing a ton of value coming in from LinkedIn Salary and LinkedIn Learning.

The new Jobs Homepage and Job Postings do pretty much what you'd expect - they help you hunt down the job you're looking for. While the Homepage gives you a look at what potential jobs you might be able to grab, the updated Job Postings give you a comprehensive look at key information about the company and other people who have been hired there. You can also use Business Insights to get "unique and timely data about the companies that interest you," like hiring trends and company growth.

Along with the more recent LinkedIn salary and the ever-useful LinkedIn Learning, the website is making a serious push to get more people to adopt its premium services. At the very least, they've certainly done quite a bit to spruce up the Premium experience.

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