This dad used Microsoft's HoloLens to bring his daughter's fairy tale to life

A very cool father has used Microsoft’s HoloLens and the app Actiongram to help his daughter and son create the fairy tale of their dreams. Getting both kids to act out the roles of the princess and king, the man used the HoloLens app, Actiongram, to render digital images and animations within the space his children were playing in. Naturally, the kids couldn’t see the creative edits that were being made around them but the HoloLens recorded a video of the entire performance which was shown to them afterwards and then uploaded to YouTube for the enjoyment of others. You can watch it below.

HoloLens is Microsoft’s augmented reality headset that creates the illusion of three-dimensional holograms by displaying digital renderings in front of the wearer’s field of vision. The device tracks depth of field and movement to properly display virtual objects in a realistic fashion within a real-world environment. Microsoft recently began rolling HoloLens out to more countries earlier this month and has suggested that they are already working on developing authentic three-dimensional holograms that could be seen without a headset, ala Princess Leia in Star Wars Episode VI: A New Hope.

Sony recently launched their own headset device, PlayStation VR, but unlike HoloLens, Sony’s device is a more of a virtual reality product. After its launch, it was discovered that PlayStation VR actually works with Microsoft’s Xbox One video game console. Kind of.

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