Microsoft closes Nokia Care Points throughout Europe

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Microsoft closes nokia care points throughout europe

After yesterday’s news concerning the termination of 7,800 Microsoft employees’ jobs in relation to the company’s mobile sector restructuring, comes a report that the company will also be closing  a range of Nokia Care Points in Poland and other European countries.

These Nokia Care Points are essentially walk-in repair locations that provide customer services and repairs for customers with Nokia devices. Microsoft currently authorizes these locations but will be removing this authorization in three months’ time.

An employee at one of these repair facilities has stated that Microsoft has decided to invest in larger official facilities in Europe so the need for smaller third-party authorised companies has ended. The contact takes care to mention that this decision had nothing to do with the success of the Nokia Care Points, which were doing quite well, but is simply a logical change in company strategy.

The loss of anyone's job is always a tragedy but from a business perspective, Microsoft's decision to close these centers does make a lot of sense. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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