Evernote Touch gets updated, makes it more Windows 10 friendly

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On the heels of quite a few other Windows app updates, Evernote has snagged yet another. We reported an update for Evernote a little over a month ago  and it appears the note taking service is still working to optimize its app for Windows. Fortunately, the changelog states the update “Improves Windows 10 support”, but unfortunately we were not provided any further details. The trend certainly bodes well for Microsoft as other large companies such as Facebook are looking to create and update apps optimized for Windows 10.
The update is hot on the heels of OneNote’s latest upgrade which allows classrooms to share notebooks. Similar to OneNote, Evernote allows users to create individual Notebooks filled with… you guessed it… notes. These notes can be synchronized between multiple devices and for those looking to get more out of the app, Evernote even offers premium plans for users who need additional functionality.
If you are running Windows 10 and use Evernote, let us know if you notice any major improvements with this update in the comments below.

Developer: ‪Evernote‬
Price: Free+

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