Will hackers attack Microsoft's Xbox Live this Christmas?

Christmas is a mere 24 hours away for most of us, however, will this year see a happy year of playing games online, or will we again see issues connecting to Xbox Live?

Phantom Squad, which has claimed to have attacked both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network in the past, has once again threatened to attack Xbox Live over the festive season. The attack, in the form of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), works by overloading servers with too much traffic, causing them to reject new connections and, in some cases, crash.

Whether this attack will actually take place or the amount of damage, if any, it will cause, is yet to be seen. As with any attack, the full force isn't felt until afterwards.

Many users of Xbox Live have taken to Reddit to discuss the threat. One redditor, Stalfosed, struggled to understand why they do this:

In response, listen_to_robots explained the reasoning for announcing such attacks:

Essentially, these attacks act as an advertisement for the attacker's services. Attacking popular services such as Xbox Live assists in showing people interested in such services the full force that they carry behind them.

We'll have to wait and see whether an attack actually takes place; until then, have a merry Christmas!

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