Windows 10 now supports interdimensional travel

Several Reddit users have begun to notice a rather amusing Easter egg hidden in the latest Windows 10 Insider build for those on the Fast Ring. The quirky little discovery involves the text used in a popup error box that states after the usual "[program] has stopped working" text that "Windows is opening a portal to another dimension…"

Windows Insider image by mrzoops
Windows Insider image by mrzoops

Of course, the Windows 10 PCs with this build aren't actually opening portals (as far as we know) but it's fun nonetheless and could lessen the frustration of a program crashing for those Windows Insiders that are helping test builds of the Windows 10 operating system. It's highly unlikely this will make its way to public copies of Windows 10 though so if you're an Insider, enjoy it while you can.

Have you noticed this or any other Easter eggs on your Windows 10 PC? Share them with the On MSFT community in the comments below.

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