Windows 10 news recap: Redstone 2 begins, Flipper 2-in-1 pre-orders, new Microsoft Garage project

Welcome back to our weekly “Windows 10 news recap” series where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s latest operating system. Let’s get started.

Initial Redstone 2 builds start to deploy to Insiders

Insiders who have been playing around with the new features in Redstone may have been a bit bored for the past week, convinced they would be waiting a long time before Microsoft opened up their doors and started offering new toys to play with. We found out this week, however, that Dona and her big red button are already back at it again and ready to hit Insiders with a brand new world of features. The first true post - Anniversary Update build was dubbed 14901, and marked the official beginning of Redstone 2's lifespan in the Insider program. Not many features have come out yet to define Redstone 2, but it's great seeing that Microsoft is already starting to move forward.

Pyramid Flipper laptop set to launch on IndieGogo

Windows 10 laptops are great, and one of the biggest reasons for that is the sheer amount of options that you have when buying one. The team at Eve took that idea of choice to the extreme, basing almost all choices regarding their new 2-in-1 (The Pyramid Flipper) on feedback that's been given by Eve's community members for quite a while now. Not all of the specs of the Pyramid Flipper have been confirmed for us yet, but we now know that the device will be ready to pre-order in either late September or early October. Hopefully, by the time that happens, we'll have a more firm idea of what the 2-in--1 will be packing under the hood.

Windows Store gets a makeover

Looking for a Store with a new look? Look no further. The Microsoft Store has gotten a series of tweaks to its visual design that makes it look way more aesthetically pleasing and less bland, getting a new font and adding in a background image in each Store page to better use up some of that boring white space.

Lenovo teases innovation at IFA

Lenovo, one of the more recognizable hardware developers for Microsoft, is going to be coming to IFA this year in order to show off what's next for their company. We were given a minute-long teaser that gave us a few vague ideas about what's coming up, and were promised  a “new chapter in tablets” as well as a “whole new kind of intuitive keyboard.” Whatever Lenovo's August 31st conference is going to have, it's going to be something interesting.

Microsoft Garage publishes the Video Breakdown preview

Looking for some fancy new technology coming out of the Microsoft Garage program? The program is always full of new, interesting things to wow software aficionados, and this is no exception. This time around, a site called the Video Breakdown preview is astounding by breaking down videos into the core of their parts, recognizing faces, indexing tones, and even more. It's going to be extremely exciting to see what this one is capable of once it becomes more advanced.

Here are the builds that came out this week:

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