Lenovo provides a sneak peak at its 2016 holiday product launch in new video

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Lenovo is one of the premier makers of Windows 10 machines of all kinds, from desktops to notebooks to various hybrids. Their Yoga series ranges from affordable ultrabooks to high-end 2-in1s, and the ThinkPad line that the company purchased from IBM years ago continues to offer some of the best-made Windows machines around.

Lenovo has a press event scheduled on August 31 during the IFA 2016 event being held later this month (via Windows Central). In preparation, the company has released a video providing a glimpse at some upcoming devices. Of particular interest are flexible screens, a "new chapter in tablets" to a "whole new kind of intuitive keyboard"--all centered around the theme of "different for the sake of better."

The video is well worth your 49 seconds in gaining a look into Lenovo's near future. Let us know in the comments if you think Lenovo will be announcing anything particularly interesting to Windows 10 users.

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