Windows 10 Cortana to let other devices know if your battery is low or you’ve missed a notification

Mark Coppock

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Microsoft released Windows 10 Insider Redstone Preview build 14295 this morning, with some fixes and new issues but no reported new features. It’s likely the Microsoft is saving its best new features for Build 2016, which starts next week in San Francisco.

Nevertheless, there’s still the occasional goodie to talk about, and according to some tipsters over at Windows Central, Cortana has added in a new feature that might pique some interest. Specifically, it looks like Cortana can (or perhaps will be able to) communicate with other devices when a call, text, or app notification is missed or a device’s battery is getting low.

Windows 10 Build 14295 Cortana Notify
Cortana now has a setting for alerting other devices of missed notifications and low battery life.

Apparently this feature showed up in build 14291, and reports indicate that the feature has yet to become functional. We’ll keep our eye out for this and other new stuff to pop up, and in particular will be busy next week bringing you all the news that’s fit to (virtually) print about Build 2016.