Reminder: Only 24 hours left to play Mossa and other Xbox Fitness workouts

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The first major stage of the Xbox Fitness program closure is just 24 hours away. On December 15th, all free workouts will be removed from the Xbox One exercise game and will be unplayable unless users had previously purchased them outright, if that option was available.

For the most part, this affects the majority of the popular Mossa workouts as well as all of the 10 and 15 minutes workout series. Exercise programs that had been purchased by users will still be functional until June 30th 2017, after which Xbox Fitness will shut down completely.

For Xbox Achievement hunters, those who had never purchased content on Xbox Fitness have just one more day to unlock as many achievements as they can while anyone who purchased workouts still has around six months. To help Xbox One players progress faster in the game and unlock more achievements, Microsoft has added several new Xbox Challenges that reward users with extra in-game stamps. Whether these will be enough to boost fans all the way to the final level before June 2017 remains to be seen.

Does the removal of the free workouts signal the end of your time with Xbox Fitness or do you have a few paid workouts to keep you going until June 2017? Let us know in the comments below.

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