WhartonBrooks Windows Phone looks unlikely; only two weeks left for funding

About a month ago, we reported about the Cerulean Moment, a Windows 10 Mobile phone that WhartonBrooks was developing. The "Windows phone for fans by fans" had a lofty goal of $1.1 million to gather over only forty-five days. Unfortunately, with only two weeks left until the crowdfunding ends, WhartonBrooks isn't even close to making their goal.

CEO Greg Murphy started the crowdfunding after an investor pulled support. As an effort to prove commercial interest in the Windows Phone market, the IndieGoGo page went up.

The crowdfunding page had seen some enthusiastic activity at first, with the comments dwindling as news and time had passed. Even though the Windows phone is in the prototype stage already,  the device just couldn't drum up enough money.

WhartonBrooks Windows Phone looks unlikely; only two weeks left for funding - OnMSFT.com - May 1, 2017

That's not to say that it didn't get some interest. Purchases ranged from the standard single device price of $290 all the way up to a %5600 bundle of 20 smartphones meant for business use. The Cerulean Moment managed actually accrue 100 backers with a current funding of $23,778.

Barring a miracle, it is probably safe to say that the Cerulean Moment won't be funded. But will this stop WartonBrooks from pushing forward with the device? It's hard to say. The minuscule 2% funding could be quite the hit to morale not only to Murphy but to Windows Phone fans as well.

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