Take a look into the Dirror, the Windows 10 powered digital mirror that you can buy today

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If you're looking to drop $2,000 on a gadget for the sake of impressing your friends, then we might have something to pique your interest. We reported on the theory behind the Windows 10 Magic Mirror a while back, but now it seems like a company has put the product out for public consumption. Getting your hands on one of these Windows 10 mirrors is going to cost you a little over $2,000.


The mirror is called the Dirror, a portmanteau of digital and mirror. It's a fairly average looking mirror that you can hang up on a wall, and effectively use like a tablet. The device doesn't necessarily look all that practical, but it has an incredible amount of novelty.

You can get three different types of Dirrors: the Dirror S (Small), the Dirror M (Medium), and the Dirror L (Large). The Dirror S has 2 GB of RAM and 32GB of hard drive space, while its older brothers have 4GB of RAM and 128 GB of hard drive space. Other than that, you're mostly going to be looking at differences between the sizes of the mirrors. The S is 10.1 inches, the M is 23 inches, and the L is 27 inches.

Showing this off to a friend seems like the ultimate statement of "the future is now." If you have the money to drop, you should definitely look in to picking up a Dirror.

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