Skype for Linux Alpha 1.3 comes with several fixes and improvements

Microsoft has released another update to its new Skype for Linux Alpha client, bringing the modern Skype to Linux. This latest update comes a mere 4 days after they released version 1.2.

As announced on the Skype Community, this update, taking the client to version 1.3, brings the following fixes and improvements:

  • Instead of being hidden, the menu items are now disabled when you’re not signed in.
  • Logout from the menu works consistently now.
  • Fixed the post-install script on all supported distributions.
  • Fixed the ‘minimize to tray’ function for Cinnamon.
  • URL links that are sent in a chat now open with the browser.
  • Fixed the Redo shortcut for Linux (CTRL-Y).

Some users have reported facing issues receiving calls on the new Linux client. A Skype Community administrator responded to these concerns, saying that it is due to the infrastructure upgrades that Microsoft is currently making to Skype's systems, this involves moving the entirety of Skype over to the Azure platform. As such, certain Skype clients have not been updated to the latest protocol, resulting in some calls to some people not being possible. It is advised to check for updates regularly on all your Skype clients to ensure an interrupted experience.

You can grab the latest version from Skype's site here.

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