Windows 10 now has over 300 million daily active users

It's been quite some time since Microsoft gave us an update on the global Windows 10 userbase. Back in September, the company said that Windows 10 was now running on 400 million devices, but Microsoft's CVP of Windows of Devices Group Yusuf Medhi just shared a more accurate metric in a recent interview with Bloomberg (via MSPoweruser).

“Windows 10 has been doing great. It’s been many months sine we reported we had over 400 million monthly active users. 300 million+ use it every day for 3 and a half hours. It’s the fastest adoption in corporation we’ve ever seen, and we’re seeing great deployment on that. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the progress on Windows.”

In the same interview, the exec also discusses Microsoft's Surface hardware and shared that "you might expect to see an update to Surface Pro 4 coming soon.” This seems pretty much in line with the May 23 event in Shanghai that Microsoft announced a couple of hours ago.

Microsoft initially expected Windows 10 to reach 1 billion users within 2-3 years of launch, but the company has since backtracked on this initial forecast. As PC sales have been slowing down over the past couple of years, the Redmond giant is now looking closely at the education market, where Google's Chromebooks have become increasingly popular. With the education-focused Windows 10 S, Microsoft finally has a response to the Chromebook threat and we'll see if cheap Windows 10 S PCs can contribute to the growth of the Windows 10 userbase in the near future.

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