See Microsoft's HoloLens make a virtual art show in New York

Artsy, an online platform for art collecting and education has recently partnered with Microsoft and design firm Studio Drift to create an interesting mixed-reality art installation in New York (via Fortune). The experience called "Concrete Storm" is currently live at this year's Armory Show in the big apple, and it immerses visitors among digital and real concrete structures.

Artsy's curator for special projects Elena Soboleva told Fortune that HoloLens and mixed reality could make virtual museums a reality. “It’s early days, but in a commercial context, it’s an exciting new path for the art world and the art market," she explained. "You could easily imagine a collector testing artworks out in their living room or someone exploring a museum exhibit thousands of miles away through a mixed reality experience in their home."

It's not the first time that HoloLens is being used for art installation. Last year, a Microsoft UX designer created a “Holographic art sculpture” for Bellevue Arts Museum using a typography app he developed for the mixed reality headset. However, Lorraine Bardeen, general manager for Microsoft HoloLens and Windows experiences shared that this new project "marks Microsoft's first collaboration in a commercial art context and we're thrilled to see how mixed reality will allow HoloLens users to experience art in a new way."

You can check the new artistic medium by yourself by visiting the Armory Show through Sunday, March 2-5, at Pier 94 in NYC.

(Featured image credit: Silvia Ros)

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