Problems with sending/receiving Skype messages? They’re working to fix it [Updated]

As you may recall, yesterday many Microsoft account services, including Xbox Live and Outlook, were down for over an hour. While not nearly as intense as yesterday’s situation, Microsoft’s Skype service is also currently facing issues where certain users are having problems with sending and receiving chat messages.

According to a post to the Skype Heartbeat website, the Skype team is aware that some users are experiencing problems with sending and receiving Skype messages. They offer up the following message to Skype users:

Skype heartbeat message

We are aware some of you may experience problems with sending/receiving Skype messages :( The team is working hard to restore the service and we’ll inform you here, once situation gets better.

The issues does not appear to be widespread at the moment, as according to, only about 27% of users are reporting issues with receiving messages. We will be monitoring the situation and will update you once things return back to normal.

Update: According to the Skype Heartbeat website, as of March 23, 2017, at 02:00 GMT [March 22nd at 7PM in PST,] the issue has been resolved.

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