Playdead, the makers of Inside and Limbo, tease a new game

Have you been wondering when the next mind-bending game will come around that will make you question your own existence? Don't worry, Playdead has you covered. Half a year after its latest release, the studio is already teasing their newest game on Twitter (via Polygon.)

According to the tweet, the studio has been working hard on the "next adventure" since around last summer. You might know Playdead for its previous two games Limbo and Inside. Both were story-driven puzzle platformers with muted dark tones and contrast, not to mention the striking story elements displayed without so much as a single spoken word. And if its predecessor is to be considered, it's likely that we'll see the untitled game roll out for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

There's some argument on whether the image is taken from a game or if it is an early concept work, but many agree that the mysterious premise of planetary exploration hinted by Playdead will be interesting to play. Furthermore, this will be the first game from the studio since Dino Patti left. The studio co-founder sold off his shares for $7 million to pursue his own interests right after Inside was released.

It goes without saying that fans are expecting yet another masterpiece from Playdead. Others remain more skeptic, bunkering down for what might end up being yet another six years.

Haven't played Inside yet? Make sure to check out our full review by Michael Cottuli!

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