New NFL Xbox One app will present football fans next level stats and analysis

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Next Gen Stats in NFL app on Xbox One

With football season only a week away in the US, Microsoft and the NFL are closing in on a new update to the NFL app for Xbox One. Currently, the app acts as a hub for all the latest information that fans want: from video clips, live stats and scores to touchdown notifications. Microsoft is going one step further and integrating real-time information sent directly from the player uniforms.

Each of the players' uniforms has sensors built in that transmit live telemetry, presumably to the cloud. That information is then made exclusively available to the NFL app on Xbox One as "Next Gen Stats". An app user can expect to see heads-up-display (HUD) like information showing the position of every player on the field, their speed and even the distance traveled during the game. This information is shown visually as you can see from the image above.

The app is yet another result from the relationship that Microsoft has built up with the NFL. As fans may know, the Surface is the official tablet of the NFL and this coming season Microsoft will provide all the coaches and pundits with Surface 3 tablets. This deal ensures that Surface remains a visible product to football fans and viewers.

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