Movies & TV app for Windows 10 gets updated for desktop, picks up subtitle options for personal videos

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Microsoft's team dedicated to pushing out new versions of the company's media apps, including the various Groove clients and Windows 10's Movies and TV app, has been making steady progress in improving the experience of consuming Microsoft's various media goodies. Today, the team has let us know that they're pushing out a new update for the Movies and TV app in Windows 10, bringing, at least, one requested feature.

Microsoft engineer Ellen Kilbourne of the Groove team let us know the news via Twitter:

We don't know too many more details, but judging from the Twitter conversation this is a feature that's been on at least a few people's lists. Keep hitting that update button, and get that new Movies and TV app downloading.

Movies & tv
Movies & tv
Developer: ‪Microsoft Corporation‬
Price: Free

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