Mixer's founder hoping to bring easier live streaming to iPhone and iPad

Earlier this year, Creators Update brought built-in game streaming on Windows 10 and the Xbox One through Microsoft's Mixer live streaming platform. Since the company announced a major rebranding of the service previously known as Beam, the company has also launched new Mixer Create mobile apps in private beta, allowing users to create new types of content from iOS and Android devices.

With the Mixer Create app, mobile users can use their smartphone camera to do what Periscope or Facebook Live are already popular for, but the Mixer team is also working a live screen broadcasting feature that will allow anyone to stream mobile games. However, this not something very easy to do on Apple's locked down mobile OS. Mixer co-founder Matt Salsamendi recently adressed the issue at the Casual Connect game conference in Seattle (via Geekwire):

As it relates to mobile game streaming, it’s super simple on Android — you can broadcast pretty much any game, you can screencap, you can broadcast the whole experience from your phone. On iOS, it’s a little more difficult because the games have to integrate with ReplayKit. We’re seeing more and more games adopt that but it’s honestly a little bit slower than we’d like.

One of the cool things that Apple is working on, or at least has teased, is broadcasting built into iOS 11, so you can actually screencap the entire experience on iOS 11 and that’s something that we’re excited about — getting broadcasters more tools to do that.

Last week, the Mixer team opened up 1,000 slots in the beta program for its Mixer Create iOS client, but the app doesn't support mobile game streaming for now. As Salsamendi suggests, this could change once Apple releases iOS 11 this Fall, even though the Cupertino giant only demoed screen recording but no live streaming feature during its WWDC developer conference in June.

Did you already get the chance to try the Mixer Create app, and are you interested in using the service to stream mobile games? Let us know in the comments if you think the company is right to focus more on mobile users.

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