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Mixer is a video game streaming services owned by Microsoft that features strong integration with Windows 10 computers and Xbox One and Xbox Series X consoles. Anyone can broadcast on Mixer for free in much the same way one livestreams from Twitch or YouTube. Many streamers simply stream on Mixer for fun but some popular streamers create a career out of their gaming hobby and stream on Mixer fulltime.

When Mixer first launched in early-2016, it went by the name, Beam. The small company was soon purchased by Microsoft later that same year and in 2017 was rebranded as Mixer, mostly due to the Beam name being reserved by other companies in several regions.

Mixer streams can be viewed via any web browser on any device, within an Xbox dashboard, or via the official iOS and Android Mixer apps.
Microsoft began attracting popular video game streamers to the Mixer platform with (rumored) pricey exclusivity deals starting with Ninja in mid-2019. Other signed streamers include KingGothalion, Shroud, and Ewok.

Mixer Highlights

  • Microsoft’s Mixer video game streaming service now has almost as many active channels as Twitch
  • Ninja Watch: Mixer streamer scores Adidas deal, gets 2 million followers, and streams some Minecraft
  • Microsoft’s Mixer video game streaming service grows 12% per month, Increases security features
  • Users are flocking to Mixer following Ninja’s move to the platform, will it last?
  • 1st Xbox gamer to reach 1 million Gamerscore jumps from Twitch to Microsoft’s Mixer
  • Microsoft’s Mixer to roll out Embers, a virtual currency, beginning today
  • Which one of Microsoft’s quirky new Mixer ads is your favorite?
  • Microsoft rebrands Beam as “Mixer” and adds new features in further push to take on Twitch