Microsoft’s Surface Laptop is “powerfully beautiful” in these new TV commercials

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Last month, Microsoft had its biggest product launch of 2017, with the new Surface Laptop and Surface Pro launching on the same day in select markets. As we’re approaching back to school season, you can expect the company to increase its marketing efforts for both products, starting with three new TV ads for the Surface Laptop.

The three 30 seconds commercials have just been published on the Microsoft Surface YouTube channel, and they’re more interesting than what you would think. The first video dubbed “Powerfully Beautiful” looks a bid like an Apple commercial, and it’s all about the Surface Laptop quality hardware: the soft Alcantara fabric, the great speakers hidden below the keyboard (interestingly, the ad briefly shows Spotify instead of Microsoft’s own Groove Music app), the touch screen and the laptop’s four different colours.

As you see, there is no mention of Windows 10 S and its advantages over Windows 10 Home and Pro. This is quite bizarre, as the Surface Laptop is the first and only machine to ship with the new Windows 10 SKU as of today.

The two other clips feature Furniture designer Brodie Neill and Entrepreneur and designer Xyla Foxlin commenting on the Surface Laptop’s design and versatility. This shows that Microsoft wants its first laptop to appeal to professionnals and not just students or MacBook fans. However, the the Surface Pen is completely absent from both clips, which is weird as this is really a tool that designers would use. And once again, Windows 10 S gets no mention at all.

Is the Surface Laptop a good option for designers and professionals? The Surface Book, with its dedicated GPU option seems much more appropriate. So once again, we’re left wondering if Microsoft really knows who the Surface Laptop is really for. Focusing on students sounded pretty good, though Microsoft will probably have a hard time convincing MacBook users to switch. As for professionals, they can easily find better options with more I/Os and dedicated GPU options.

Do you think these ads are good enough, and do you think Microsoft is right to target designers and professionals? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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