Microsoft Teams mobile update comes to Windows Phones -
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Microsoft Teams mobile update comes to Windows Phones

Earlier today we reported on a significant update for Microsoft Teams on iOS, and we even pointed back to a prior update for Microsoft Teams which was also delivered on Android. Since Microsoft is a cross-platform kind of company these days, a similar update has now also dropped for the Windows Phone version of the chat-based collaboration app, and it brings plenty of long needed new features (via MSPU.)

Overall, this latest update pushes the latest version of Microsoft Teams on Windows Phone to version You can see what is new and changes by looking at the changelog below.

  • Single sign in with other Office 365 apps
  • You can now @mention teams and channels
  • You can open emails sent to a channel
  • Improved mobile support for Connector messages
  • Support for certificate based authentication
  • Support for mobile device management
  • Ability to un/follow channel from creation menu
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

While the Windows Phone app is still not fully featured as the Android and iOS counterparts, it's very assuring to see that Microsoft is still improving on its own apps for their Windows Phone platform, perhaps even settling some of the "Windows Phone is dead" arguments. Anyway, you can find the download link for Microsoft Teams below, and once you've updated or checked it out, be sure to drop us a comment with your thoughts!

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams
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