Microsoft now calls rollout date of Spring 2017 "incorrect"

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Users of might have been a bit confused lately about the recent updates concerning the migration towards the new experience. Microsoft had been teasing its users for a while now about migrating the old infrastructure to a newer one. Originally announced in spring of last year, the 'new experience' will be on par with the features and accessibility that Office 365 offers.

We know that accounts have been upgraded since February this year with rollouts occurring each week. A Twitter statement even confirmed that users could be looking out for the upgrade towards the end of the summer this year.

But a Microsoft message popped up a few days ago gave some startling news. "We expect the upgrade to be finished in the first half of 2017," it read in the statement adding that shared calendars were having difficulty during the transition. Nearly half a year was a big difference, so ZDNet reached out to the company for an official statement. What they got was a complete debunk of that earlier message.

Here's the official statement, from that spokesperson:

"The error message incorrectly stated the date as the first half of 2017; we're updating this message to reflect the latest migration schedule. We are in the final stages of the migration, with nearly 90% of our active users already migrated. A small percentage of our active users will take additional time to migrate based on certain features they are using like shared calendars."

It seems the migration will in fact be rolling out in the year, but what is more interesting is that the reply didn't give any clearer explanation on when it can be expected.




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