Microsoft, Epic Games sued over Gears of War character, likeness "stolen" from former pro wrestler

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Lenwood Hamilton, a former pro football player and wrestler thinks that his likeness has been used to create Gears of War character Augustus Cole aka "Cole Train," and he’s not happy about it. According to TMZ, Hamilton has filed a suit against Gears of War developer Epic Games, publisher Microsoft and Augustus Cole voice actor Lester Speight, claiming that the latter used a video game idea with Hamilton that both of them discussed during the late 90’s. obtained a copy of the suit, which gives more details about why Hamilton, who also hired aforensics services company to compare his voice to the one of Augustus Cole is convinced that the Gears of Wars character has been inspired by him without his consent:

According to the suit, "The similarities of the avatar 'Cole Train' and Hard Rock Hamilton include that both are black (and 'Cole Train' is the only black avatar in the Gears of War series), they both played professional football (although in Gears of War the game is called 'thrashball'), Cole Train's number is 83 (same year that Hamilton played for the Philidelphia Eagles - 1983), the derby hat, wristbands, a front gold tooth, and a striking resemblance of both physiognomy and body build."

Hamilton is suing for sales of profits according to TMZ, which reports that the former football player never heard about Gears of War or Augustus Cole before his son's friend showed him the game last January.

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