Microsoft, CardLinx launch open source software suite, links credit cards to loyalty programs

The CardLinx Association (CardLinx) has announced the availability of a new open source card-linking software suite, developed by Microsoft. As part of the announcement, Microsoft will expand the availability of card-linking and has made the codebase for its Earn card-linking platform free and publicly available so other companies can build on the code.

Card-linking enables you to receive a discount or loyalty benefit automatically when you pay with a payment card that has been linked to an offer or loyalty program. Many card companies, messaging apps, and digital publishers already use the technology, and CardLinx members include Microsoft, Facebook, Mastercard, Discover, Hilton, and Chevron. In a statement, Eduardo Indacochea, Microsoft General Manager reflected on the announcement.

"Microsoft has embraced card-linking and views this contribution as a way to further accelerate the global growth of this technology for the benefit of consumers and businesses... It’s our hope others within the industry will participate and help advance this technology"

According to CardLinx, the purpose of open securing the codebase is to lower the barrier of entry and broaden the adoption of card-linking. Companies interested in implementing card-linking programs can also use the source code to provide an industry standard as a starting reference point, or further develop the code on their own.  Creating card-linking industry standards is also a part of CardLinx’s mission to increase collaboration among all the industries that participate in online-to-offline commerce and card-linking.

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