Layoffs continue within Microsoft's mobile division as "dozens" lose their jobs in Finland

Microsoft is undergoing some truly significant shifts from its previous stance as the Windows company toward a new strategy as the "mobile-first, cloud-first" productivity solutions company. Along the way, the company has made some serious cuts to their labor pool as part of the jettison of Nokia as the company further adjusts the mobile part of their strategy. Today, via ZDNet, we have a story from Finland about some additional cuts.

Specifically, it appears that a few dozen employees were cut, a good portion being made up of marketing staff, and involving Microsoft mobile subsidiary Microsoft Mobile Oy. According to Microsoft, these cuts are not a part of the much more significant 7,800 that were cut directly related to the Nokia.

The job reductions were spread across more than one business area and country and reflect adaptations to business needs. We go through this process in the most thoughtful manner possible, with the deepest respect for affected individuals," said the spokesperson when I asked about today's layoff reports.

Clearly, Microsoft's realignment in mobile and elsewhere are causing serious ripples, both in the market and among the Windows phone faithful. As always, we'll continue keeping our eyes on these and other developments as Microsoft pushes forward with whatever its smartphone strategy might be.

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