Microsoft Teams updated, cloud storage options coming soon -
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Microsoft Teams updated, cloud storage options coming soon

Since its launch, Microsoft Teams has continuously received updates with features, tweaks, and additional partners to make it a better workplace collaboration tool. Today, an update is rolling out with a couple of changes.

First and foremost, users are able to now view meeting content while multitasking. This means that clicking away from a meeting to check other items won't lose your place. Another handy addition is the ability to select multiple files in Microsoft Teams to copy, move, or delete in bulk.

In bot news, the T-Bot was updated with two more languages. Now it can speak in German and Spanish as well as English and French.

What's really stealing the spotlight, however, is the announcement of new cloud storage options coming to Microsoft Teams. Rolling out within the next couple of days, users will be able to use more third-party storage. Google Drive and Dropbox are joining the lineup, making collaboration even more convenient.

Be on the lookout for the changes and let us know what you think.


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