Fashion designers use Surface Pro 4 and theSkimm to get more creative

Sohana Punithakumar, Surface Product Marketing Manager, had the opportunity to meet startup company Bohn Jsell founders at the #NineteethAdmendmentPeople event earlier this month. According to Windows feature blog post, both Kasha and John are big fans of Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

The two fashion stylists often use what they call a "3-in-1" device together. In fact, due to a lower budget, the pair often use the same Surface Pro 4 between them. As a sketchpad, tablet, and laptop, the device makes it easy for them to transition from idea to outcome easily.


The designs meant to bridge the gap between corporate and hipster drew a lot of attention. Their story has even been featured on theSkimm, the popular business newsletter with integrations in Office 365 and Skype.

This is yet another example about how Microsoft products have proven useful for startup companies. Read more about Bohn Jsell's story and how they use the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 on the Windows blog.

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