Donate blood and get a free month of Xbox Game Pass (in Brazil)

Xbox Gamers in Brazil now have a good reason to get off the couch and leave their console behind for a bit. In a new promotion, Microsoft is giving away one month of Xbox Game Pass to those who donate blood (via Reddit.)

Judging from a rough translation of the promotion page, all it takes to get started is to first donate blood at a local blood donation center. After this is done, the blood donation certificate must be uploaded online, and then a code will be sent via email. Finally, the code can be redeemed on Xbox One, or via the Xbox Website.

It's not made clear when this promotion will end, but this is great, especially since donations will help fill local blood banks and those in need in hospitals. So, if you're in Brazil, feel free to check out this promotion, keeping these tips in mind before going in to donate.

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