Xbox One adds new loading animation and retires OneGuide branding

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Microsoft's Xbox One console may have gotten some big new changes with its recent operating system update such as custom Gamerpics and controller sign-ins but there were also a few smaller changes that were made that have snuck under the radar with little or no official announcement such as the new loading animation and the complete removal of the OneGuide branding.

OneGuide has been a feature present in the Xbox One experience since the console launched several years ago and was used as a way to display a variety of entertainment media from various apps and channels. While OneGuide certainly did have its loyal users, the name likely caused confusion amongst casual users who didn't truly understand what it was or how it worked and this is probably why it has now been rebranded to simply, Entertainment.

The new Entertainment section also boasts a significantly cleaner design than the old OneGuide tab and makes for an overall less intimidating experience.

The new loading screen is a purely aesthetic change to the console that only shows up when turning the hardware on after it's been completely shut down. Instead of the row of dots as was used previously, the new animation features an animated green spotlight that moves along the bottom of the screen and a fresh logo with an animated green light coming from within. You can watch a video of it here.

Do you like these changes and have you noticed anything else that's different after the last update? Let us know in the comments below.

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