WWE Network for Windows 10 now works on Windows 10 Mobile

Around a year ago, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) launched their official app for Windows 10. Until now, the app failed to function correctly on Windows 10 Mobile, with users who managed to install it on their mobile device (via the My Library feature of the Windows Store) experiencing issues playing video content.

Earlier this week, the app received an update that resolved these issues (via Reddit) for Windows 10 Mobile, despite it not officially being listed as Windows 10 Mobile-compatible in the Windows Store. Now, users can use the WWE Network app for Windows 10 Mobile as normal, although, there are a few interface issues, as it is not fully optimised for mobile for the time being.

To install WWE Network on Windows 10 Mobile, first install it on a Windows 10 PC, then on mobile, go to My Library in the Windows Store and download WWE Network.

WWE Network
WWE Network
Developer: World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.
Price: Free
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