Windows 10 Mobile Insider build 15007 installs over 14998 just fine

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Early this morning, Microsoft apparently inadvertently released Windows 10 Mobile Insider build 14998 (the first new Fast Ring build for mobile in more than a month, btw). Before the company could even issue a coherent statement about the mixup, however, it’s gone ahead and released an even newer, and this time officially announced build, 15007.

For those of us having gone through the minefields of beta testing, we were all probably a bit queasy about what would happen to our phones with this unannounced and apparently mistaken release, but have no fear. 15007 is here, it’s happily downloading and installing, and there appear to be no problems.

Update: In fact, if you’re being offered 14998, go ahead and install it and then go back and install 15007, says Dona Sarkar:

As for what’s included in the new build, one of the big features is App Reset. Now, just like the PC version of Windows 10 Anniversary Update, you can reset an app back to its original state, hooray! To do it, just go to Settings>System>Storage, navigate to the problem app, and you’ll see a “Reset” option.

Cortana is branching out in W10M 15007, and now is able to control music on more of your favorite apps, including IHeartRadio and TuneIn Radio. Cortana now supports playback and volume controls, as well as a voice controlled “what’s playing?” feature with these apps.

The Netease music identification service now supports Chinese Simplified, and can now recognize music for customers in China.

The recurrence options (every month, or every year) that were added on PC to 15002 are now also in Windows 10 Mobile, thanks to 15007.

The changes to Settings are also now in Mobile, with increased information available within settings, and a new App section, with App settings moving out from System and into its own section. Additionally, the same Device settings improvements combining Bluetooth and Connected devices have filtered down to Mobile, too.

Enterprise users can now pause phone updates, just like enterprise PC users can beginning in 15002, too.

So if you were worried about getting your phone updated past 14998, don’t worry 15002 will install just fine. For any of you who experienced issues with 14998, let us know how it’s going for you, and if you’re able to fix your issues.

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