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Microsoft Whiteboard adds new Fluent Design toolbar in Teams and on the web

Microsoft Whiteboard adds new Fluent Design toolbar in Teams and on the web April 15, 2021

Microsoft has released a Fluent Design update for its Whiteboard app in Teams and on the web. Ian Mikutel from the Microsoft Whiteboard team announced the news on Twitter yesterday, saying that the online collaboration tool has been updated with a new toolbar inspired by Microsoft’s Fluent Design language.

The most interesting novelty is the addition of new Fluent design elements, including shapes, lines, & arrows, to the Whiteboard app. The “Add shape or line” icon is available through the toolbar, and it features various symbols that can be used to draw flow charts quickly. This should make it easier for business and education users to collaborate with other people within Microsoft Teams during brainstorm sessions.

Microsoft revealed the Fluent Design system back in 2017 and announced its plans to incorporate its new design language across all its products. Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Edge are two noteworthy examples, and we also learned last month that Windows 10 is getting new icons in the File Explorer. This means that heading into the future, we will likely see more Fluent Design elements in other parts of the OS.

Wasteland 3: The Battle of Steeltown expansion is coming to Xbox and PC on June 3

Wasteland 3 The Battle Of Steeltown

Wasteland 3, the latest role-playing game from inXile Entertainment will get its first solo expansion on June 3. Titled The Battle of Steeltown, the new story-driven content will integrate into the game’s story and add new locations, quests, and gear.

The Battle of Steeltown is set in the towering factory complex of the same name, which manufactures the trucks, armor, weapons, and robots seen in the post-apocalyptic world of Wasteland 3. As the manufacturing complex is hit by bandit raids, players will have to investigate what’s happening and face new robotic enemies alone or in co-op.

Existing Wasteland 3 players can also expect changes to the game's turn-based combat system, with new mechanics including telegraphed attacks, stacking status effects, elemental shields, and non-lethal weapons. The developer also announced that the expansion will be released after the release of the patch 1.4.0 which will introduce “exciting new features."

Wasteland 3 is the first episode in the series to be released since inXile Entertainment joined Xbox Game Studios, and it’s great to see the game getting new content following its August 2020 release. The Battle of Steeltown will be priced at $13.99 on all platforms, but Xbox Game Pass members will get a 10% discount on the Microsoft Store.

Wasteland 3 (Xbox One)
Wasteland 3 (Xbox One)
Developer: ‪Deep Silver‬
Price: $59.99 $29.99+
Wasteland 3 (PC)
Wasteland 3 (PC)
Developer: ‪Deep Silver‬
Price: $59.99+