Microsoft pulls mystery Windows 10 Mobile build 14998, issues nonsense statement

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Early this morning, Windows 10 Mobile Insiders were offered a somewhat mysterious update entitled only "Localization for English." Well, it turned out to be a whole new build, version 14998, in fact, although that wasn't entirely clear until your phone downloaded and installed what turned out to be a new build.

Unfortunately, not only was this build mysterious, with a middle of the night release, no mention on Twitter or the Windows Experience blog, a dodge of a title, but it was damaging for some at least, with reports coming in of BSODs after installing the build (I was offered the build on my Windows Insider Fast Ring Lumia 950 XL this morning, and it apparently installed without issue, the phone booted and appears to be working as expected).

The build has now apparently been pulled, (although even that is not clear) but a few hours ago I was able to access it, hours after it first appeared. Dona Sarkar tweeted that Microsoft was investigating, saying "You don't need to install this one." But what's almost the saddest element of this sad affair is that when we asked Microsoft for comment/clarification, this is what we got:

The Windows Insider Program is a program for experienced PC and smartphone experts who have downloaded the Windows 10 Insider Preview and are comfortable running unfinished software. Participants in the program will receive the latest preview builds once they're available, and Microsoft will provide tools and information to help users provide feedback and shape Windows 10 as it’s built and delivered as a service. - a Microsoft spokesperson

The build release is obviously a mistake, and we understand, mistakes happen. To lean on corporate gobbledygook instead of coming clean with Insiders is a questionable tactic, however. This wasn't a build gone bad, it was an update released under disguise (understood that this couldn't have been intentional!), one that no Insider should reasonably expect to be prepared for, that ended up bricking some Insiders' phones. Are you satisfied with Microsoft's "answer" to what's going on with 14998? Let us know in the comments below.

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