Windows 10 Anniversary Update launches August 2nd, but you may have to wait

Everyone is anxious for the next big release for Windows 10. The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is set to bring one of the largest patches Microsoft has released yet. It will include major security upgrades, improvements to Microsoft Edge, and a more productive Cortana, just to name a few. The highly anticipated release is scheduled to kick off on August 2nd, but not everyone will be going it at the same time.

Dona Sarkar was a guest on the Windows Weekly podcast last week during the Worldwide Partner Conference. Beyond showing off her shoes, she shared to Paul and Mary Jo that the Anniversary Update would be starting at the start of the month, it would be delayed for some people. "It's going to be a global rollout, it's going to take time. Everyone's going to freak out, 'Where's my update?'"

This is almost an exact echo of the statement she made on Twitter last month concerning Windows 10 Mobile getting the update. But the Insider chief assured that everyone will be getting it even if it takes a while for all the machines and devices to update with PC and Mobile at the front of the line.

But the Insider chief assured that everyone and every supported device will be getting it. Even if it takes a while for all of the machines and devices to update. Admittedly, PC and Mobile at are the front of the line. Xbox and HoloLens will be left trailing behind with completely different release schedules.

But that doesn't mean you won't be able to play around with it before then. The Windows Insider already has the features of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update available in the current preview build 14393, considered to be the "rtm" build.

As a side note, this is far from the end of preview builds. Sarkar shared on Twitter that the system for releasing builds through the fast and slow rings seems to be working really well. "We will definitely keep pushing builds post- anniversary updates," she reassured one enthusiast. That's good news for many of us. According to our recent poll about 57.86% of our readers intend to continue running preview builds.

Are you anxious for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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