Surface Studio gets its first firmware update, Surface Pro 4 gets one too

Microsoft Surface Studio
Email Twitter: @ Jan 18th, 2017 inNews

Microsoft has released some firmware updates, but as usual, has yet to post any changelogs (via Neowin.)

This is the first for Surface Studio. The new device was announced last October alongside the Windows 10 Creators Update, branded as the next big thing for artists, architects, and other business opportunities. Since it shipped in December, the Surface Studio hasn’t had any firmware or system updates until now. Noticeably, the update page still says that there aren’t any updates available.

In addition, this is the latest of a number of releases for Surface Pro 4 firmware and system. Ironically, its update page hasn’t been updated yet either.

Since these two firmware updates had a coinciding release, it is a probable assumption that they addressed the same firmware issues. However, until we know more from Microsoft, enthusiasts and users are left to discover the changes on their own.

We will report more information as it becomes available. Have you updated your Surface Studio or Surface Pro 4 yet? Let us know if you notice any changes in the device’s performance in the comments below or tweet us @OnMSFT.

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