Microsoft announces new OneNote Class Notebook tools, brings Office Lens to iPad

Microsoft loves to have a hand in education, particularly with its applications created specifically for teachers, students, and administrators. And they are undoubtedly successful, which is why the OneNote Class Notebook and Learning Tools are continuing to receive updates.

Today, the OneNote team announced that the OneNote Class Notebook is being updated with assignment and grading support for the Skooler LMS 'soon'. The LMS tools were added in the most recent update early December 2016.

Of course, the meat of the news revolves around the Learning Tools for the OneNote Class Notebook with more features to make learning more available. To start, these tools are available on more platforms including OneNote Online and the Windows 10 app. Now teachers can distribute a page or section to your students and review student work sequentially on these and OneNote 2013/2016 versions.

Here's what else is new for Learning Tools:

  • The Learning Tools user interface is now localized in six new languages: Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese (Traditional).
  • Support for three new dictation languages: Russian, Portuguese (Brazil) and Chinese.
  • Explicit punctuation when dictating. For example, saying “period” now translates to “.” and “question mark” translates to “?
  • Now, when IT admins deploy Learning Tools, the Update button is only displayed on client machines that have rights to install updates.
  • Implemented several bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • New embeddable content from third-party partners Quizlet, ThinkLink, GeoGebra, Wizer, Sketchfab 3D

Teachers are even able to enjoy giving students some fun little stickers now through OneNote Class Notebook. What would learning be without a gold star on top?

Microsoft announces new OneNote Class Notebook tools, brings Office Lens to iPad - - January 18, 2017

Tucked into the OneNote Class Notebook news, Office Lens had its own miniature spotlight. The OneNote team announced that Microsoft Office Lens is now available for iPad and is receiving an update for iPhone. The Immersive Reader in this "improved" Office Lens can even read the scanned image right back to the user and has Learning Tools built in.

Check out all of the updates rolling out starting today and continuing through the next week.

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